Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A record-breaking hot day!

Hello. Here's a picture I took a moment ago of Robin on what they're saying will be the hottest day in London on record! Apparently temperatures will get as high as 38C/101F. It certainly feels like it - it's baking out there! We've got a little electronic temperature sensor on the window sill. It's in the shade but apparently it's 36.6C/98F out there at the moment! Hot hot hot hot hot. Robin is currently chilling near our over-worked fan...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Robin at the races #1

Hey folks. On Saturday I took the missus to the races at Sandown as a birthday treat. We had a top day out and didn't lose too much money despite our particularly rubbish gambling skills. This picture shows Robin standing very near to the finish line, with number 4, Road To Love, galloping to victory in the 5.25 at odds of 9-1 (naturally it wasn't the horse that we'd bet on). It's great to see the horses up close - they really do travel at an amazing speed. See below for Robin's first foray into horse riding (on a horse that doesn't move quite so quickly)...

Robin at the races #2

This is Robin on a bronze horse at Sandown races on Saturday. Self-explanatory really. Good balancing skills though - a career as top jockey seems to beckon...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Robin outside the World Cup final stadium!

Hey chaps

So here's a picture of Robin that my wife took, while sitting on my shoulders (!), over the fence outside the Olympic Stadium in Berlin where the World Cup final will take place this evening between Italy and France. It's been a great World Cup and I was very pleased that Germany managed to clinch third place in the play-off against Portugal last night - they hosted the tournament with real style and the people we met in every city were really friendly. Good job Germany.

So, onto the final. I don't mind too much who wins (leaning towards France slightly, I think) just hope that it's a really good game and that it doesn't end in penalties.

ps... Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Robin and Zidane!

Hey folks

Here's a photo taken in Leipzig, Germany of Robin next to a huge picture of Zinedine Zidane, the French football captain who will be playing his last ever football match in the World Cup final tomorrow, before retiring. He's a wonderful player and, seemingly, a lovely man (when he swapped shirts with his ex-Real Madrid colleague Luis Figo after Portugal v France the other day, you could see the care that Zidane was taking to make sure his shirt wasn't inside out when he removed it handed it to Figo!). Me and Robin would like wish Zidane and the French boys all the best in the final tomorrow. Or, as the French fans put it, Allez les Bleus!