Monday, January 31, 2005

Here he is!

Robin is back!
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Yes, as explained in the post below, Robin is back. Found. Discoverd. Back back back!

So here he is with the flag we made for him on New Year's Eve, which was exactly when we discovered he was missing.

Ah, it's good to have him back.


Sunday, January 30, 2005

Robin. Found. Yes!

Yes, 30 long days after we realised he was missing, Robin has turned up. I always thought he would, because it didn't seem possible that he could've just disappeared into thin air.

So, where was he? Well, on Boxing Day, I lent my football boots (which I'd brought with me from London) to my brother Robert to play in our village's annual football (soccer) match. Robin, as it turns out, was in a plastic bag in the plastic bag that contained the boots. So my brother took both Robin and the boots off in his sports bag. And, my brother being my brother, he only got round to completely unpacking that bag today. Whereupon he found Robin, who'd obviously just spent a nice relaxing month away from my camera's lens.

Funnily enough, we found this out as we were driving up to my mum's house for the first time since Christmas, and I'd just been thinking about places where I could look for the wee fella. No need, because as we neared my home village we got the call saying he'd been found.

Now, I know he's only a soft, little toy bird qand there are more important things to worry about in the world, but I think I can speak for my whole family when I say we've all been somewhat sad about his disappearance for the past month. The thing is, with Robin's whereabouts being such a mystery, it was impossible to get 'closure'! I just kept trying to work out how he could possible have disappeared. And now I know.

So, I'll get a picture of him up very soon (I don't have my digital camera with me right now) and the really gerat news is that now, rest assured, Robin will be there in Athens, where his Blog adventures began, to witness myself and Alexia getting married in 13 days' time.

Result. There's some big grins in my family tonight (and Robin looks pretty pleased to see me too).

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Happy new year. Sad new year.

First up, happy new year to all you readers out there - hope you have a great 2005.

But, I'm afraid, I do have some sad news too. This news is really not very sad when put against what's happening in Asia right now, but it is still quite sad. Robin has disappeared. I took him up to my mum's house for Christmas, but as I forgot to take a USB chord to connect my digital camera to her computer I didn't bother taking a picture of him. So, having returned to London I went to my (as yet unpacked) bag on Dec 31 to take a new year's picture. But he wasn't there.

The bag he was in (a big holdall with all my clothes etc) has only been in my flat, my car, my office and my mum's house. We've searched all of them very thoroughly (including the bins) but he hasn't turned up. He was in a little white plastic bag within the holdall, and as that plastic bag hasn't turned up, I'm guessing he's still in it. It's absolutely baffling and very frustrating.

But I'm assuming it's a question of when, not if, we find him. He must be somewhere. I could've just taken my mum's robin, Robyn, and used that for my blog pictures instead, but I thought you folks would probably like to know the truth - that the pesky little bird is currently off on an adventure somewhere without me.

Obviously you'll be the first to hear when (let's say when) I find him!