Thursday, June 30, 2005

Robin at Glastonbury 2

Robin at Glastonbury
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Before I shoot off to a Greek island (see below) here's another Robin pic from Glastonbury. This one was taken on Sunday night, as the sun went down (happily after the crazy rain on Friday, Sun-day very much lived up to its name!).

This was taken in the main field looking down to the Pyramid Stage, where Brian Wilson had just finished leading a mass singalong of Beach Boys classics that left everyone beaming.

The festival all takes place in the fields of a local farmer, Michael Eavis, who started it 30 years ago. You can see his farmhouse up in the top left of the picture (as ever, click on it if you want to see it bigger). And you can also see how muddy his fields have become after a weekend that started with rain and then had 150,000 people trampling all over it. Where there's baked brown mud now, there was thick, lush green grass four days earlier. The cows aren't going to be too pleased when they see!

Robin at Glastonbury 1

Robin, Glastonbury, tents
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Hey up folks.

I'm in Athens now (on holiday, visiting the in-laws for the first time since we got married here in February!). Glastonbury was great, but on the Friday morning it rained incredibly hard (thunder, lightning, the full works) for six hours, flooding many people's tents completely. There were pictures on the front of all the newspapers of people swimming to their tents and tents that were five or six feet deep in water! Crazy. Luckily where we were it didn't flood. But we still had to suffer the mud for the whole weekend (first as deep rivers of brown water, then as sticky brown glue). We still had a great weekend though.

Thanks too for all your birthday greetings. We went straight from four nights camping to a very posh country hotel/spa about 20 miles away - which was a real treat. And then the next day we flew off to Greece - I was intent on making sure that the post-Glastonbury/30th blues didn't kick in!

Today I'm off to one of the Greek islands for a couple of days as a surprise treat from my lovely wife. Naturally, Robin's coming along too...

Hope you folks are good, wil probably post again on Saturday when we're back in Athens.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Robin in St Petersburg, again

robin, big square
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Hey up folks

Here's Robin in the main square in St Petersburg on a rather gloomy day. Nice square though.

We're all off to Glastonbury music festival this weekend - the best music festival in the whole wide world (seriously, 2 million people tried to buy the 120,000 tickets). It all takes place on a farm near Stonehenge and is still run by the same farmer that started it 30 years ago. More info at for you American folks that might not have heard of it.

Also, I turn 30 on Monday. So feel free to leave your birthday wishes here making me feel better for leaving my twenties behind!


Friday, June 17, 2005

It's not all luxury...

robin daredevil
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Yes, Robin may hang out in a limo from time to time - but it's not always an easy life for my globe-trotting pal.

Here he is, about to be blasted into Finland by this tank thing outside a museum in St Petersburg.

But check out the look in his eyes. That bird is fearless.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Robin in his limo...

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When you're a worldwide megastar like Robin, there's really only way to travel.

Here he is, in St Petersburg, in his limo, asking the driver to turn down the air conditioning a little...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Robin in Moscow!

robin in moscow
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Hey up folks

Yes, here's Robin with Moscow behind him - as taken last Saturday morning from my hotel room.

Sadly, I was only in Moscow for 16 hours so I didn't get to take his picture in Red Square, but I've got plenty more that I've taken in St Petersburg (we were there for longer).

Moscow is a weird place - seemingly built on sex, money and alochol. You'd see couples walking down the street drinking beer at 10am and our (nice) hotel was full of prostitutes and a pretty seedy strip bar. Weird place. A bit in-your-face for my liking (although, as I say, we weren't really there long enough to see the nicer side of it). St Petersburg pictures to come...

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Robin and Chris Martin (the second shot)

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Seeing as Coldplay are in the news with the release of their new album 'X&Y' (which looks like to break sales records over here) I thought I'd post the other picture of Robin with Coldplay's frontman Chris Martin, that I took back in April.

Meanwhile, me and Robin are off to Russia tomorrow - will try to post some pictures from there...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

St Bees adventure #5

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Hey up folks

So here's Robin on the beach at St Bees, with the cliff in thr background that the other picture was taken at.

As for Russia, of course I'm taking Robin (I haven't actually got him a visa, but I'm assuming his international fame will mean they'll be pleased to have him there).

The sun is shining in London this morning. That doesn't happen as often as it should.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

St Bees adventure #4

Clifftop Robin
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Oops, sorry - I know I said that I'd post this the other day, but I've been a busy bee (as ever) and never quite got round to it at the end of last week.

Anyway, here is the long-awaited (well, sort of) picture of Robin up on the clifftop at St Bees, overlooking the lovely beach on a gorgeous day. If you keep walking about 3 miles in the direction Robin's looking you get to a gorgeous old lighthouse.

Hope you folks are all good. I'm off to Moscow and St Petersburg this weekend - any of you got any Russian experience?

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

St Bees adventure #3

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Here's Robin outside an English country cottage in St Bees, the little village that we went to for a weekend away last weekend. We didn't stay in this cottage or anything, just thought it looked lovely - particularly liked the wild garden.

Last two St Bees pics tomorrow - down at the seafront...