Monday, August 06, 2012

A visit to the Olympic Temple of Tat

We were back in the Olympic Park this morning, for the water polo. As the transport is running *so* smoothly during these Games, we got there quite early. So we thought we'd go for a potter in the Temple of Tat that is the London 2012 Megastore. It's HUGE...

As is "Team GB's golden girl" Jessica Ennis (who's so ripped with muscles, she didn't even notice Robin perching on her arm)

There are an awful lot of Wenlocks available. If the people who designed Wenlock could see how OBSESSED my little boys are with him, I would imagine they'd be quite happy. 

Our elder boy wants one of these £15 golden Wenlocks more than anything (and the fact they're now giving a giant one to each athletics gold medalist isn't exactly helping to reduce his desire). And you can only buy them from venues. Hoping that by the time the Paralympics start they'll have reduced the bucket loads of them down to a tenner or something.

While I was taking this next photo, I saw a succession of people coming up saying:
"Ooh, these are nice. What?! £65?!!! Are they mad???!!!!"

This one shows two giant Wenlocks in an Olympic Mini with Robin on the windscreen, obviously. 

And you should've seen the queues at the checkouts...