Saturday, September 08, 2012

The women's basketball final

Last night was my penultimate event of this whole 'lympics adventure, with a trip to the women's basketball bronze and gold matches at the North Greenwich Arena, aka The O2, aka the Millennium Dome. Here's Robin outside it...
They've just opened a new thing where you can walk over the top of the dome. Looks mad. And fun.
This one's on the way in. All this 2012 branding will presumably be gone by Monday. :-(
So we saw two matches - USA vs the Netherlands in the bronze match, which was won easily by the Netherlands (a big shock, as USA got gold in Beijing and have won a medal every Olympics since 1996).
And then it was Germany vs Australia in the gold match which, sadly, was also not a particularly close contest. Germany ended up winning at a canter, as Australia weren't taking their chances (they actually had more shots on basket, but missed a significantly higher percentage - including 11 of their 12 free shots).
The Germans, then, thoroughly deserved their gold - and here they are celebrating it, in this next photo. Really enjoyed watching both games - such a quick, physical and skilful sport.
Which just leaves one more London 2012 event for Robin and I. The 7-a-side football classification matches tomorrow morning in the Riverside Arena in the Olympic Park. One of them will feature Team GB. No doubt, 20,000 people will be cheering them, and these Games, as loud as they possibly can. 


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