Monday, June 21, 2004

Back, back, back!

Hey up. Yup, I'm back from Portugal, where I had a marvellous time watching Croatia v Switzerland, Bulgaria v Sweden, Czech v Latvia and England v Switzerland at Euro 2004. Great to see Greece doing so well too.

So what's happening on the Olympic front? Well, if I'm totally honest I'm not completely back up to speed yet. I believe the torch has just left Canada and flown to Europe and that various trials have been happening and that an Aussie cyclist has been banned from the games (or something). But no one seems to be talking much about security at the moment and, with the roof now on, there isn't so much worrying about things being ready (well, apart from the marathon route).

This may, then, officially be The Calm Before The Storm. The little bit of time where everyone's attention is diverted by Wimbledon and Euro 2004 before we all get really excited/anxious/worried/cynical about the games once July comes and we're just a few weeks away.

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