Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy anniversary to us!

Robin at the beach
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Hey up folks

Yes, today is exactly one year since me and the missus got married in Athens. Top, top memories.

To celebrate, we stayed last night at a lovely hotel in Whitstable, a little seaside town in Kent where we went on our first date almost six years ago.

The hotel overlooked the sea - in fact, this picture was taken by me leaning out of bed and holding Robin precariously out of the window! You could hear the waves crashing from the bed - utterly relaxing way to go to sleep.

While we were down in Kent, we also got my Grampa hooked up to the internet (wireless broadband and everything!). So hopefully he'll be reading this at some point. If so, then HELLO GRAMPA!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations - wow, going to sleep with the sound of waves for real. Some people use recorded ones. Welcome to Grampa - yes everyone, with an 'm' but that is another story! Sarah, Derby

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! May every year together be filled with more adventures!

K "M" J in the USA (I thought after Sarah's post I should perhaps include an 'm' in my name - lol!)

Anonymous said...

congrats chris and lex and hiya gramps! love rob

Dawn said...

Congrats - does this mean you are no longer newlyweds but an old married couple instead? ;)