Saturday, August 19, 2006

Robin at England v Greece #1

Hey folks

So, on Wednesday, me and the missus went to see England v Greece play football at Old Trafford in Manchester. We decided to go in the Greece fans' section (as you might rmemeber, my wife's family are Greek). Unfortunately, Greece lost 4-0, but it didn't matter too much because a) it was only a friendly (ie not part of a tournament) b) the Greek fans kept singing and jumping about all the way through the second half, keeping everyone in the ground entertained and c) um, I'm English, so it was quite nice to see us play well and score a few goals!

Oh, and note the St George's flag being created by the England fans behind the goal at the other end, using red and white paper. Very creative.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great time - Manchester United is one of the few football teams I could actually name - lol!

US Football has started pre-season games - I wish Robin could come for a Green Bay Packers game! Nothing like a cold beer and hot brat while watching the Packers play!

Anonymous said...

Have not been around in awhile. Glad to see Robin is still taking pictures! I will have to go and get caught up!


Anonymous said...

Well, we were watching this match at home on TV. Imagine our amazement when we saw Kit, his wife and his friend right in the middle of the screen as a picture of the singing Greek fans was shown. Didn't see Robin though, I suspect he had his ears covered up in all the noise and was snuggled in his little travel nest!! Sarah, Derby