Saturday, January 13, 2007

Back of the net!

Hello again. Here's a picture of Robin which I took at Hitchin Town FC this morning. I was up there at 8.30am helping them get the pitch ready for this afternoon's game (there's been an awful lot of rain, so they made a call for volunteers). Hopefully it looks like the game will go ahead now (after some stirling forking and sanding work from myself and a few others). Got to say, even though Hitchin are in the 7th tier of English football, I was still quite excited to be allowed on the pitch of a proper football team with a proper football ground!

Talking of football, did you folks over in the US hear that David Beckham is heading your way? Are people over there interested?


Anonymous said...

Bit bothered about the angel Robin is at - had he just headed a ball in? Sarah, Derby

Anonymous said...

Ooops - Angel? angle. Joining KJ's club of having to send secondary message!! S

Anonymous said...

LOL Sarah - I'm going to try and get it right the first time this time!

Oh yes, the David Beckham news has reached our shores. I teach a "Pop Culture and Media" class at the university here and it was interesting as all of the students knew who DB was, but only about half of them knew the US had a professional soccer team. It will be interesting to see the effect he has on the sport here! I may watch just to get a chance to look at his cuteness - lol!

I was wondering if the secondary schools (high schools) in England have sports teams that play each other, and do they draw local crowds? American football is a HUGE sport in most high schools here, and generally draw pretty big crowds of spectators - just wondered if you had something similar.

Oh - and let Robin know I've got some scissors if he needs them :-)

KJ in the USA