Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter! More Helsinki pics!

Hello again folks. A very happy Easter to you - here are some more pictures of Robin from our recent trip to Helsinki...

At the gorgeous big church in the middle of town

Attempting to mimic statues at the station

A swing with a view, on a little island opposite the harbour

On a boat. Moments later a man came and rowed away in it. Luckily Robin got off first.

On a jolly large anchor that someone appears to have dropped from a great height

Standing on a life ring

Lazing on a rather prettier life ring

That's about all from the Finland trip - more pics to follow soon!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to Robin and all his friends. I have been wondering what the two ?men outside the station are thinking/saying - any suggestions? For instance"what is that little bird down there doing? Which one of us will through are orb at it?" Sarah, Derby

Anonymous said...

Whoops, sorry, I mean "throw our orb"! Sarah, Derby

Anonymous said...

Where are you all - Robin is getting lonely? Sarah, Derby

Dawn said...

The swing picture brought back memories of a park I would visit when I lived in NY. I always thought it strange to have swings right on the beach - a bit naughty. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Kit (and mum Sarah!) Been traveling quite a bit for work so I haven't been checking in as regularly as I normally do. Hope all is well with you!