Friday, April 23, 2004

Costas' costs...

Hello again

Just back from a few days in NYC. Got talking to a couple of people in a restaurant and at the first mention of the Olympics, they said 'so d'y think it'll be ready?' So it's not just us Europeans fretting then.

But Greek PM Costas Karamanlis is a blissfully unconcerned man. At least he hopes we'll think he is. Karamanlis only came to power a couple of months back, so he's happy to admit that things are way over the £3bn budget ('There are considerable overruns on the initial budgets,' he said - no doubt hoping the previous government cops the blame). But when it comes to the question of things being ready in time, he's a bullish man. 'We will disappoint those who have not realised the Greek people's will and determination to organise an absolutely successful Games,' he growled.

Now that's the spirit! Let's just hope the builders were listening...

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