Sunday, November 21, 2004

Robin visits the church I'm getting married in!

Robin and a church
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Yes folks, this is the church in Athens where I'm getting married in February. It's the same church that my fiance's parents married in in 1974. The fact I've been out there is one of the reasons I haven't updated in ages (sorry). The other reason is that I've been super-busy - I've already spent 24 hours in Lyon, France since I got back to London from Athens on Wednesday. Busy busy busy. So busy I forgot to take Robin to Lyon. Sorry folks. Sorry Robin.

But the wedding stuff is coming on nicely (thanks to those that have asked). The church is booked as is the reception (after a last-minute change caused by a stunningly awful refit at the (previously classy) place we'd booked - pink fur everywhere and walls upholstered in shiny silver fabric!). And tomorrow I'm off to get measured up for my suit. Less than 3 months to go now. Exciting stuff. Nice to be back in Athens too - there wasn't too much evidence of the Olympics, just a front page in a newspaper saying how much it had cost and a few shops with reduced merchandise! Felt odd to go past the stadium complex on the metro train - would love to have stopped off for some water polo or some athletics!

Here's a funny thing for you folks that read during the Olympics. On the site - - where I store my pictures to use on this site, it tells you how many times each picture has been clicked on to make it bigger (cos that takes you through to their site). Most pics from the Olympics have been clicked on 100-160 times, the one of me and my fiance 190 times, but the only one that's been clicked on over 200 times - in fact 1,200 times! - is the one of... can you guess?... yes! Robin and the beach volley babes!



Anonymous said...

Did you bring any honey back? I know,trust me to think of my stomach!!!!!!!! Edward/Brother

Dawn said...

Gorgeous looking church, I'm sure the inside is just as beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Robin is getting as excited about the big day as you are! Glad to hear the plans are going well - though pink fur does sound a bit dodgy! I'm sure it will be a memorable occasion for everyone!

It is Thanksgiving here in the states on Thursday, a time to reflect on all that we are thankful for. My very very long list includes your wonderful blog, which brought the Olympic experience to me in a way that was so memorable! So - Happy Thanksgiving to you and Robin!

KJ in the USA