Monday, December 20, 2004

Robin is back! On top of a mountain!

Robin on top of a mountain
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Okay, okay, I know. I haven't posted on this Blog since the end of November, which is very poor indeed. I'm sorry. Genuinely.

I've been a very busy man all through December - the lead up to Christmas is the busiest time in my job and I had to work the last three weekends before this one.

But, as you'll see, I finally got a weekend off this weekend. I went up to Penrith in Cumbria (aka The Lake District) to buy my fiance an engagement ring (wanted to buy it in my hometown). We found one, and it's lovely.

So then yesterday (Sunday) we climbed up Helvellyn - a mountain in the Lakes, which was covered in snow on the higher reaches. It was quite a tricky climb (it's never been snowy when we've been up before) but we made it up and were rewarded by the most amazing views. Robin could've flown up in no time, I guess, but he decided to do the whole journey in my backpack.

Hope some of you are still reading and that you're all set up nicely for a great Christmas.

More pics of Robin in the next few days, I promise...


Anonymous said...

robin is back
robin is back
wo-oh wo-oh


Anonymous said...

wonderful to see you back on line
Though I will confess I had started to despair of every seeing Robin again !

Cheers shay

Dawn said...

Let's see the engagement ring on Robin! So glad you came back. An early Christmas present for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Woohooo! Robin looks quite pleased with himself. And the mountain is gorgeous.

Hope you can kick back and relax during the holiday.

~ Cathy in (so bitterly cold I want to move back south) NJ

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful - pleased all 3 of you went up and down safely. Happy Christmas to all blogger friends and best wishes for 2005.

Anonymous said...

The views in the lakes are fabulous and bring back good memories though I was born in Sussex but spent a long time there.
Happy Xmas to you all and a good new year and who knows, maybe even a group photo with robin might be on the cards.