Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Happy new year. Sad new year.

First up, happy new year to all you readers out there - hope you have a great 2005.

But, I'm afraid, I do have some sad news too. This news is really not very sad when put against what's happening in Asia right now, but it is still quite sad. Robin has disappeared. I took him up to my mum's house for Christmas, but as I forgot to take a USB chord to connect my digital camera to her computer I didn't bother taking a picture of him. So, having returned to London I went to my (as yet unpacked) bag on Dec 31 to take a new year's picture. But he wasn't there.

The bag he was in (a big holdall with all my clothes etc) has only been in my flat, my car, my office and my mum's house. We've searched all of them very thoroughly (including the bins) but he hasn't turned up. He was in a little white plastic bag within the holdall, and as that plastic bag hasn't turned up, I'm guessing he's still in it. It's absolutely baffling and very frustrating.

But I'm assuming it's a question of when, not if, we find him. He must be somewhere. I could've just taken my mum's robin, Robyn, and used that for my blog pictures instead, but I thought you folks would probably like to know the truth - that the pesky little bird is currently off on an adventure somewhere without me.

Obviously you'll be the first to hear when (let's say when) I find him!


Anonymous said...

I have my fingers crossed for Robin. It has been a meteoric rise for him in 2004. And I hope he is ok. I am looking forward to his Comeback Special sometime in 2005...

Anonymous said...

Ack! It's a birdnapping! Send out the search party! Call Interpol! ROBIN MUST BE FOUND!

Waiting with baited breath for his return . . .

KJ in the USA
PS - Happy New Year!

simon wonder wally said...

Poor Robin. Poor, poor Robin. There's many a thing you wait for to turn up but it never does. He is surely a gonner. Sad days indeed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its was Ambrose. I'm sure she likes Robin's!

Anonymous said...

For those who do not know, Ambrose is a cat and though a male name, Ambrose is a female cat - named by Kit I should add.

No sign of Robin remains in our garden, don't think Ambrose is to blame.

I too am devastated and hope he will turn up somewhere.
Happy New Year to all regulars. Sarah/Mum