Monday, January 31, 2005

Here he is!

Robin is back!
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Yes, as explained in the post below, Robin is back. Found. Discoverd. Back back back!

So here he is with the flag we made for him on New Year's Eve, which was exactly when we discovered he was missing.

Ah, it's good to have him back.



Anonymous said...

Glad you kept the flag - but - what is the building in the background?


Anonymous said...

Kit, I'm sooooooo happy Robin is back! I really did miss him and the photos. I knew he couldn't stay away for too long. And for him to turn up in time for your wedding is even better. Well, I think this calls for a little celebrating (we're always looking for an excuse to party)!!!

Vix, in (chilly) Philly

Anonymous said...

A party, just like what we are having tommorow night for the happy couple, though I think it will be warmer than chilly philly.
For all those who are interested(and thoese who are not),I was once on a train that broke down at philly. It was a touch chilly but the Johnnie Walkers were flowing from the buffet on the train so I didn't notice teh cold too much.
On the subject of my brother who had "kidnapped" robin in the sports bag I must confess that it is a bit of a thing with us two as my rugby kit normally ferments for a few days before I wash it(usually the night before I need it again).
If you are going tommorow night then i'll see you then,if not in athens,and if not there,then wherever.
Love to you all, Edward/Brother(eldest)

Anonymous said...

Oh, happy day! Must say that Robin is looking quite relaxed after his extended holiday. (Though being inside of a bag within a sports bag might not be the ideal place for a get-away. Hmm.)

But you forgot to say one thing ~ who won the football game? :D

~Cathy (still in NJ, this time with 10 inches of snow on the ground)

Anonymous said...

Where's KJ got to????