Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Robin, chillin'

Robin on the Heath
Originally uploaded by athens2004blog.

So after we'd released Robin from the door of the phone box (see below), we took him up to the extremely lovely Hampstead Heath, which is a bit like London's version of Central Park, except hillier, not in the centre and with ponds you can swim in.

As you'll see, he buried himself in the grass and enjoyed a relaxing few hours catching some early-summer rays...


Anonymous said...

Oh, Kit (and Lex and Robin!) that looks simply fabulous! The weather looks lovely. It's been a bit rainy here in NJ for the last week or so, but I'm off tomorrow to Chicago on a long weekend holiday, and it looks promising to be sunny and warm. I kinda wish I had Robin with me on the adventure, actually. :D If I catch any good photos I'll be sure to share...

~Cathy in NJ

Anonymous said...

Is that NJ as in the garden state? I also saw kit and lex over the weekend at two gigs. The first was Faithless, which was at Alexandra Palace which was awesome and the second was Kaiser Cheifs which was also pretty good.
Same bloke from NW10

Anonymous said...

Ps Kit, was Robin " tearing off tights with his teeth as he can't get no sleep"?
Same bloke in NW10?