Monday, May 30, 2005

St Bees adventure #1

Robin at the pudding shop
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Hey up folks

Yes, this is the first picture (of 5!) of Robin from our bank holiday weekend adventure up to St Bees in Cumbria - a tiny seaside village that I last went on holiday to in about 1983 when I was 8. I took my wife up there for a surprise anniversary weekend (we've now been together 5 years and 1 day!).

This picture was taken outside Cartmel Village Shop, in the south of England's Lake District - a shop which has become extremely famous for its sticky toffee pudding - which is absolutely superb. Actually, I remember reading that Madonna gets it exported to the States. For more info on the shop (and to see a picture of the famous pudding) click here

More pics from our trip coming over the next few day.

Also, we're trying to find out from the Greek rellies when St Robert's day is - if indeed it exists on the Orthodox calendar. My Elvis-loving brother will no doubt be interested to hear when it is, because that's his name too!

Oh, and the other big news - me and Robin are off to Moscow, Russia in ten days. Should make for some great photo opportunities!

Hope you folks are all well.


Anonymous said...

Well, I ask myself, what gender was St Bee and when is his/her saint's day, and, what alternative can we all think off for it??!!
Sarah, Derby

Anonymous said...

Good Question Sarah! With a shop that sells the most marvelous toffee pudding (so tempting I may have to have some sent to the US!) there is definite cause for celebration! I believe St. Beatrice's feast day is September 1st, so perhaps I'll order a toffee pudding and celebrate on that date - lol!

KJ in the USA

Anonymous said...

"Well I never" KJ - my grandmother was called Beatrice and her third daughter (my mother) was born on
1 September. This must rate pretty high on the Useless Information Scale!!!
Sarah, Derby