Wednesday, July 20, 2005

24 days till Robin's 1!

Ducky says...
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Hey up

This is Robin's friend Duckia, whom we rescued from a Duty Free shop in Genoa airport in Italy last year.

Duckia wanted to tell you folks that on August 13 2005, it will have been exactly one year to the day since Robin made his first appearance on the world wide web (see the archive if you want to check Duckia's got her facts right) . Duckia's a nice duck, and she wanted to make sure you were all aware of this momentous occasion.

And now you are. A job well done Duckia.


Dawn said...

What does one get a Robin that has everything?

Anonymous said...

Hope all is still well for you and yours - as an American any kind of bombing still freaks me out - though you Brits seem to have plenty of pluck!

Duckia is adorable - quack quack!

KJ in the USA

Anonymous said...

Aaahh. Do Robin's have birthday cakes? What is in them - fat and bird seed? Or would it be one for Kit and his lovely wife to eat 'aftewards'?!! Birds must have fluid too - favourite tipple? Iron Brew, Dandelion & Burdock, or what? Wonder if Dawn and KJ have tasted these.
Sarah in Derby

Anonymous said...

Iron Brew = what my dad makes in the morning, thinking it's coffee
Dandelion = what overtakes my front yard each spring
Burdock = hmmm - sounds like a type of hunting dog

LOL - I think I'll just stick to my favorite gin and tonic - a toast to you Sarah!

KJ in the USA