Sunday, July 17, 2005

Robin at the cricket #2

Robin, by the scoreboard
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This was taken at the same cricket game as the posting below - it's the scoreboard (yes, really!), a key part of any cricket game, even if there's no spectators to speak of (it's handy for the players, I guess). This is quite a sweet-looking one, I thought (certainly more so than the chap taking his top off and thrusting out his stomach!).


Anonymous said...

Good to hear you are doing well! Some news reports here in the US are already referring to the London bombings as the "7/7 attacks". I have to admit I stayed glued to my TV for most of the day - bit of de-ja-vue (sp?) of 9-11.

The only thing I know about cricket is that one type of pitch (throw?) is called a googly. I've no idea what that is, but I learned it from a movie about WWII Britian. Doesn't look to be all that exciting - but then again most 'refined' things rarely are!

I've done my duty to England (and J.K. Rowling) by purchasing and reading the 6th Harry Potter book. I stood in line until 2am for it - I know I'm one sad, nerdy muggle - lol! I have to admit that when I heard of the bombings at Kings Cross that's the first thing I thought of - lol. I have a feeling quite a few American children were familiar with that place because of the Hp books!

KJ in the USA

Anonymous said...

Know of cricket, yes. Understand it, no. Some friends and I were having a friendly debate about it and baseball. The Brits/Aussies couldn't understand how we would like a game that is so short, and the Americans couldn't understand how anyone would like a game that goes for days. I think I'm just going to have to watch cricket to get the jist of it.

~ Cathy in NJ

Andria said...

I don't have a clue about cricket...but then again I don't understand football much either (American or otherwise), so I might not be the best person to ask...however, baseball is a game I can handle! Glad to hear all is well in London!

Dawn said...

There is a big flat paddle involved, right? That is about all I know about cricket. Does that score board really say 150?!? How long does the game last?

Anonymous said...

Oh dearie me!!! I love the way you guys in the US write. It is not a big fat paddle, its a bat! To complicate it further, some games can last five days, and some just an evening!! Work that one out....
Sarah, Derby who played it at school many years ago.