Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Robin at the British Museum!

Robin checks out the Great Court's roof
Originally uploaded by athens2004blog.

Hey up folks

Sorry it's been so long between postings, I've been - as ever - quite busy. And although I did go to Italy last weekend with my best pal for his 30th birthday present, I forgot to take Robin with me (I'm blaming the 4am alarm call!)

So, today I thought I'd head over to the British Museum at lunch time to take a couple of pictures.

The British Museum has been open for 251 years and holds a huge collection of Roman, Egyptian and Greek treasures (notably the Elgin marbles, which the Greek government *really* want back).

This picture was taken inside the Great Court which used to be open air (and not open to visitors) but which they roofed at the turn of the millennium. It's made up of hundreds of glass panels and was opened by the Queen in December 2000.

As I can see the British Museum from my desk, I watched them building the roof from the very first day that surveyors came to look in cranes at how they were going to build it. I'm quite attached to it now and it's a lovely place to go and relax in one of the cafes there.

It's also Europe's biggest covered square (or something like that) which makes it very handy for days like today - when it's absolutely chucking it down with rain.

Hope you folks are good.


Anonymous said...

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Dawn said...

That is such a neat building. It reminds me of the indoor mall in Florence - you may have seen it in your travels. They've got stained glass as their panels.

Anonymous said...

top picture! Rob

Kit said...

Grrr - sorry about the rogue 'spam' comment. I keep getting lots of emails from such people that all say. 'Hello Mr Athens2004Blog, I really like your blog...' before trying to sell you some dubious products.

Blighters. Let's just pretend they're not here!


Anonymous said...

Great pics! :) I was there a few years ago, but it's so big, that I didn't get to see everything.

Anonymous said...

In my best imitation English accent I'll just say "Those rogue spammers are a bunch of bloody gits" (I love the chance to use a good English curse now and then!)

The museum looks lovely - so nice Robin didn't have to fly in the rain!

KJ in the USA

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