Friday, June 16, 2006

Robin at the World Cup #2

Hello again!

So, this is another shot from the World Cup (see below), this time during the England vs Trinidad & Tobago match yesterday afternoon in Nuremberg. We only found out we had tickets the evening before (big thanks to my bro Rob for that!!) which meant we had to hastily arange a hire car to get us the 300 miles (500 kms) down to Nuremberg for the match. Luckily you can drive as fast as you like on German motorways (faster than I'd be willing to admit I drove to my mother...) so we made it down in plenty of time.

England didn't actually play too well, but it was amazing being there and I'm happy to say that we won 2-0 in the end, thanks to two late goals - cue mass celebrations from tens of thousands of English who'd made the journey over for the game (it also made our 300 mile drive home afterwards much cheerier than it would've been if we hadn't won!) There was a nice atmosphere at the game, with the Trinidad fans mixing merrily with ours and not a hint of the hooliganism than the media always seem to anticipate so eagerly.

That chap second from left with the blue boots is David Beckham - probably the most famous footballer in the world, who made the pass for both our goals. We're off to another game tomorrow, Czech Republic vs Ghana in Cologne. Should be fun.

Oh, by the way, those of you who've followed this blog for a while may be interested to know that my wife is pregnant (yee-ha!). As of December, I'll be a dad and Robin will be, um, an uncle.



Dawn said...

Congrats. on the baby news! You first comment on the World Cup made me laugh. We Americans know what it is, we just have no interest in it! :)
It's good to see Robin is still getting around - I thought he fell in the lake in Helsinki/

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - a baby - WOW!! I'm so very very excited for you! I hope your wife is feeling well and you are going crazy pampering her!! When is the due date??

I agree with Dawn's comment - we know what it is, just don't care. LOL! We even have a lot of commercials running about it, trying to create hype and interest. Congrats to England for winning their game - I even know who David Beckham is thanks to the movie "Bend it Like Beckham". And yes, I even know what 'bend it' means - but that is the extent of my knowledge!

On a side note - I work part-time at an agency that takes calls for businesses and makes appointments for clients. We just picked up two clients (beauty salons) that are in England. Every time someone calls to make an appointment for a haircut I am charmed by the accent and think of Robin! Why a business would want their calls routed to the US to be answered by someone with an "American dialect" is beyond me!

Sorry for the long post - you and Robin have been missed!

KJ in the USA