Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Robin meets Nelly Furtado!

Yes, here's Robin with top Canadian pop star Nelly Furtado, who is currently Number One in the charts in the UK and riding high in the hit parades across the globe! My wife met her recently and took along Robin so that the very-friendly Nelly could join the growing list of stars (Kylie Minogue, Chris Martin, Dave Grohl, Shakira, Andre 3000...) to have shared an audience with the little red-breasted bird!


Dawn said...

Who are you really?!? No normal person gets to meet so many stars in their lifetime! It can't all be due to Robin's magnetic personallity.

Andria said...

congratulations on the baby! that is exciting. i am getting married in october but hopefully there won't be a baby for a couple of years! here in texas, the world cup has been overshadowed by the NBA finals-poor Mavs lost in the 6th game! If the world cup wasn't during the finals, maybe it would have bigger coverage??

Anonymous said...

Surprising even myself, I watched several games of the World cup over the last week. Have to say, I didn't understand the rules much but did quite enjoy it. Was going to watch some of the US game this morning but it's on a channel I don't get.

Nelly is GORGEOUS! As it happens, she is singing on the morning TV program that is on right now!

KJ in the USA