Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Robin's made a new friend!

Robin and his new pal
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Yes, having returned from a month in my brother's sports bag at the weekend, Robin wasted no time in finding a new friend on his return to London.

He bumped into this chap in a bakers near where we live. Quite why the bakers is selling 2004 Olympic ginger bread men in February 2005 wasn't clear, but he seems fresh, so we're pretty sure he hasn't been sitting there since August,

In wedding news, my big brother Eddie took me shopping today and, with his marvellous advice, I managed to get myself a shirt, some shoes and some cufflinks. 11 days to go...


Anonymous said...

We walked everywhere!
Edward/Brother(big one!)

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to see Robin had found his way home, I nearly reached through the computer screen to hug him! Welcome home Robin!

And on a more personal note - hope you have a lovely, lovely, lovely wedding! Wishing you all the happiness you can imagine, and lots and lots of adventure!

KJ in the USA (Wisconsin - lots and lots of snow!)

Anonymous said...

Hey-Up KJ - have just asked where you are but it was on the comments below this posting!!! Welcome back, have been logging everyone in. Its great to have the communications flowing again and as everyone says, its wonderful to have Robin back. Kit's face was a picture, aahh!

Love to everyone,
no snow in Derby