Sunday, March 20, 2005

The joy of juicing!

Robin and various vegetables
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Yes, following the record-breaking (I think) number of comments about root beer (thanks for all the suggestions, I shall be sampling as many as possible next time I'm in the US!) here's another drink-themed post.

Obviously, having just got married, we were very lucky to get a bunch of wedding gifts. One of the most fun has been the juicer which we were given (actually, we were given two - clearly juicers are like buses - but the second one is being swapped for a posh blender instead).

Suddenly, we've become slightly obsessed with the various combinations available. Yesterday we had a very tasty spinach, carrots, apple, radish and beetroot - a combination which helps boost brain power according to the book which the second juicer-giver gave us. And today we've just had a very sweet pear, apple, ginger and celery. All very healthy and VERY tasty! I can seriously recommend one if you haven't got one. Not nearly as hard to clean as I thought it would be either.

So folks, after your root beer advice, does anyone have any favourite juice combinations they'd like to recommend? (Naturally Robin tends to prefer the ones with berries in them...)

STOP PRESS: Yes, smoothies do count!


Anonymous said...

My tearing love is for Sprout and parsnip with a splash of tabasco- it makes your taste buds stand on ceremony. Its truely wonderful and great for giving a 24 hours energy boost- for the heart and soul. And if you are in isolation due to a tummy disorder it can be a real means to an end.
Ian- Macclesfield

Anonymous said...

Do smoothies count?! I like banana milk and honey! I need a good juicer :-( then i would try ginger with stuff. ginger rocks. Rob

Anonymous said...

If smoothies count, I vote strawberry, banana, & orange.


Anonymous said...

I think the smoothest drink that I like is Baileys with large chunks of ice. This reminds me of a trip to Ghent a few years ago with some work colleagues and after consuming vast quatities of Belgium white beer we arrived in a dingy bar playing pool. Imagine a straight half pint glass. Then fill half of it with brandy and fill the remaining gap with Baileys. Absolutely yummy though rather potent. So much so on the Eurostar back to England the next day my snoring was being discussed at the buffet! Anyhow thats my favourite "smothie" and a little bit about how i discovered it!

Anonymous said...

Excellent timing with this question, Kit -- I just found out my sister got a new juicer, so I'll be getting her old one. I asked her yesterday about her favorite things to juice and she told me she likes: red cabbage juice (it's sweet); carrots and greens mixed together and (better take it easy on this one, she claims it makes her a little high) sweet potatoes and apples!?! I can't wait to start trying all these new combinations I'm hearing about, but I think I'll be starting off with Edward/Brother's suggestion!!! 8~D

Vix in Philly

Andria said...

Vix, what kind of greens does your sister put in her shakes? Just kidding! I like to keep it simple with just strawberries and bananas...except I tried eating one a day for a while and I am slightly diabetic and it sent my blood sugar through the roof, so be careful (I think it was the yogurt)!

Anonymous said...

Andi, it's not the greens that (supposedly) sneak up on you, it's the sweet potatoes. Sorry for any confusion. Hate to see somebody juicing up a bunch of greens and then waiting for the buzz to kick in. But who knows, maybe that works for somebody.


Anonymous said...

Hang on everyone - if you juice/smoothie all this fruit and veg, what are you doing about fibre? You'll be removing it in the juicing/smoothing. Make sure you get your fibre some other way ...
Typical Mum/Sarah

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