Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Our blender arrived!

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Yes, the posh blender (which, you'll remember, was a replacement for the second juicer we were bought as a wedding gift) has arrived!

This morning we had a banana, milk, honey and yoghurt (Greek of course). It was tremendous.

Note too, the extremely swanky coffee pot in the background my brother Edward got us as a wedding gift. And the lovely bread bin given to us by a friend. Verily we have the best-supplied kitchen in London now!

And, don't worry, the blender wasn't plugged in when Robin so beautifully modelled it!


Anonymous said...

Well, that picture gave me a fright. You should have put the 'don't worry' bit at the beginning for oldies like me!!!!

Anonymous said...

i reckon the royal society for the protection of birds might want a word with you! i used to be a member don't you know...rob the salmon in manchester

Anonymous said...

so did I! Good old Mrs Barbra!