Monday, March 07, 2005

We're back! Big news! And we went to football!

Robin at Shef Wed
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Hello folks!

Yes, we're back in Blighty after a top. top honeymoon. I've got various pics of Robin at our wedding and on honeymoon to show, but I thought I'd kick you off with this shot of him in the crowd at Sheffield Wednesday vs Doncaster Rovers that we went to yesterday. Why do you think that chap behind him is hiding his face? Perhaps he is a master criminal?! Maybe Robin should become a sleuth.

So, the big news I refer to above is that I've decided to launch a multi-million pound/dollar rebranding of this website. Yes, as you might've noticed above, it's not called any more, it's called I've bought the address (should be live from tomorrow) but you'll still be able to get here from either or

Why has it changed? Well, because it's really not about the Athens Olympics anymore, but it is mainly about Robin. And, in a bid to increase traffic, I might email some of the journalists who wrote about the Blog during the Olympics and ask them to mention the site in their round-ups as What do you folks reckon to all that?

Right, best get on for now - but pics of Robin at wedding and honeymoon coming up very soon...

A married man.
Very happily so.


Anonymous said...

I was actually wondering about those journalists the other day, and what they'd think about Robin's bid to become a world famous bird. I think it's a fab idea. And I can say that I knew Robin when...

~Cathy in NJ

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new site! I've actually been following your site since the Olympics, I've just never posted. I figured I'd let you know you have another regular. :)

Mary in PA

P.S. I originally found the link to your site from a site that Cathy and Ginger post on, in case you were curious.