Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Robin and an Arsenal stadium

Robin checks out Arsenal
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Hey up folks

Here's Robin checking out the brand new stadium of Arsenal Football Club at Ashburton Grove in North London. Arsenal are one of the best football (soccer to you American folks) teams in England and, probably, Europe.

It's not finished yet - the team have one more season at their old Highbury ground where they've been for about 80 years - but it's going up pretty quickly and looks like it will be quite a stunning ground.

They're moving because the old ground only holds 38,000, whereas this one will hold about 60,000 (which, of course, equals rather more money through the gates). Plus, they've already got a multi-million pound sponsorship deal with Emirates airline to call it the Emirates Stadium.

Me and Robin will certainly be going back to check it out when it's finished...


Anonymous said...

Wish Robin could join me on holiday as my mum has enough birdfeeders to satisify half the worlds bird population - lol.

KJ in the USA

Anonymous said...

KJ - hope you have inaugurated your Mum into the Robin Fan Club.
Sarah, Derby