Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blimey, I haven't posted in ages!

Robin at my desk
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Really really sorry not to have posted in so long, it's been one of those super-busy times I get at work sometimes. So much so that I'm sitting here at 8.39pm still chained to my computer, 11 hours after I arrived. But hey, at least I've got Robin here with me - he's always happy to hang out with his pal Money Mark (that's him in the shades).

So, I really should get straight to the competition result - and it was won hands-down by Mary, who was not only the first person to enter, but also got the exact correct answer of 11 countries with all 11 listed. Impressive stuff Mary, drop me an email with your details and I'll get that tacky London souvenir in the post.

Hope you folks are all good. I'm going to try my very hardest to post more often over the next few days, so keep 'em peeled...!


Anonymous said...

Good to see that Robin doesn't just lounge around in Ibiza all day - LOL!

Things are terribly sad here in the US with the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina. I find myself getting a bit anxious watching the news, similar to my experience watching the continuous news broadcasts after 9/11 or the London bombings. I don't know if you ever had the chance to visit the amazing city of New Orleans - it is hard to imagine it gone.

KJ in the very sad USA

Anonymous said...

I've emailed you my address. Looking forward to seeing what Robin picked out. :)