Monday, August 15, 2005

Robin celebrates birthday! Competition!

Robin, chillin'
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Hey up folks

In response to Andi W's comment last week - the answer is that yes, I probably do travel more than most British people (mainly through work), but I think we do tend to leave our country more than Americans anyway. Obviously you have to travel long distances to get to another country, whereas (particularly since the advent of budget airlines) we can get to a whole host of countries in under two hours for a cost of about $100 return.

So, yet again, I was abroad this weekend - on a work trip to the Spanish party island of Ibiza. On Saturday, it was exactly one year since Robin made his debut online, and he celebrated by lounging about in the pool.


And now - to celebrate one year of Robin - it's time for our first competition since the Olympics.

Guess how many countries Robin has been photographed in since he made his debut last August. And as a tie-breaker, name them. To enter, just post your entry in the comments tab below. Whoever gets the right number of countries wins. If two people get the right number, the one who names most of them correctly takes the prize.

Closing date is a week from today. The winner gets a tacky London souvenir.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

10 (or 11 if you want to count England and Scotland separately)

Spain, Belgium, UK (Scotland & England), Greece, Russia, France, Italy, Hungary, Canada, & the USA

Mary - That's all I can remember.

Dawn said...

I only remember 9, this is in order of first appearance:

Anonymous said...

Oooh - I love contests!

Reviewing the pics was like a walk down memory lane :-)

I count 11 countries - in alphabetical order: Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Scotland, Spain, USA

I'd love to see a pic of Robin's passport - lol!

KJ in the USA

Anonymous said...

Couldn't pass up the opportunity of winning a tacky London souvenir, every home should have one!

From memory I can count 13 countries: England, Scotland, Denmark, Greece, Belgium, Hungary, Russia, USA, Spain, Italy, Canada, France, Portugal. Is that close?

CN, Australia

Anonymous said...

I'll go for 12. Greece has to come first! + England, Scotland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, USA, Canada, Russia, Portugal, Italy. Sorry not as organised as KJ's alphabetical list, most impressive!
Thanks for the fun
Sarah, Derby

Anonymous said...

Oops forgot Hungary, is an instant add-on too late to count to make it 13? No worries if I am breaking the rules, stick to the 12 above.
Sarah, Derby

Anonymous said...

must be 14...yep 14 it must be! Rob