Saturday, December 31, 2005

Robin at Jokerit!

Robin at ice hockey
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Apologies for the slightly dodgy quality of this picture, I took it on my phone cos they don't really allow cameras into the ice hockey games - but here's Robin at our first Finnish ice hockey game, featuring Jokerit (the home side, from Helsinki) against SaiPa. Sadly, despite my purchase of an over-priced woolly Jokerit hat, they lost 3-1 (didn't take their chances and the SaiPa goalkeeper played very well). But, despite the score, there were 8,400 very passionate Finns there and it was an enjoyable evening out.

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Anonymous said...

For a split second I thought Robin's rather ghostly eyes were reflected on the ice, then noticed he is looking away from it anyway and know really it will be the home team's badge.. hope Robin is being kept warm, all very well you having a woolly hat!
Sarah, Derby