Friday, December 30, 2005

The sea is frozen!

Robin In Helsinki
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Hey up

So here's a picture taken in Helsinki, just near my wife's parents' flat. This is a harbour that would be filled with boats in the summer, but, at the moment, the sea is frozen! It's been very, very cold here in the past few days and weeks, getting as cold as minus 15 Celsius (about 20F). It's very odd to see a frozen sea, but very beautiful too. Literally all the ice you can see in the background would be normal sea in the summer.

This evening we're off to see ice hockey - a massive sport in Finland. Naturally, I shall take Robin along to document it...


Anonymous said...

Finland looks beautiful - though probably not a place Robin would choose to migrate!

I think it looks a lot like Wisconsin, USA, where I live -the cold is certainly the same!

Hope you had a Happy Christmas and a good trip. I really enjoy checking in with Robin - it makes the world feel a bit smaller!

Cheers! KJ in the USA

Anonymous said...

Hey KJ - when I wrote, see posting below, about Spain and dry rivers I was thinking it would add to your world experience. Hope your time away was good. Happy 2006.
Sarah, Derby