Friday, December 30, 2005

Robin in frozen Finland!

Brrr! Robin in Finland
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Hey up folks

Yes, we're out here in Finland for a few days, visiting my wife's parents who moved to Helsinki in August.

This picture was taken in a beautiful little town called Porvoo, about 50 minutes' drive from Helsinki. We're actually standing on a bridge and that long white thing behind Robin is the frozen river! A few minutes before the picture was taken we saw a cross country skier skiing along it!

It's a very pretty town - in the background you can see some of the wooden houses the town is famous for. It wasn't actually as blue as it looks in the picture - but for some reason all my pictures came out blue. Must've been something to do with all the snow and my camera not being used to it!

Hope you all had a good Christmas. We're off into Helsinki itself in a few minutes, so I'll try to take another picture there...

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Anonymous said...

Reporting on a skier going down the frozen river reminded me of the opposite. Spain had a dreadful drought summer 2005 and we saw dried up rivers down which people were walking, but also driving 4 x 4s. We were on tarmac and parallel to us was the dry river with a Land Rover going same direction! Off now to look at the other pics, thanks for putting them on.
Sarah, Derby