Monday, January 30, 2006

C'mon Panionios!

robin at panionios
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Hey up folks

This is another picture from our trip to Athens last weekend. This is Robin at the Nea Smyrni stadium, the home of the football team I support in Athens, Panionios (that's what it says - in Greek script - on the seats behind Robin). The number says 1890, which is when they formed - making them the oldest club in Greece.

Anyway, we popped down to buy a shirt from the club shop and managed to wander into the stdium through an open door to take this picture.

Tonight, Panionios play Olympiacos - the big guns of Greek football - in this very ground. Panionios really need a win (they're having a terrible season). So let's all wish the Panthers (as they're known) our best.

I'll let you know how they get on...


Dawn said...

At first I thought they must have a little toasted sandwich as a mascot, but realized you didn't actually spell paninos. Panthers were my home team, so "GO PANTHERS!"

Anonymous said...

How about Nottingham Panthers? They are our local Ice Hockey team. I wonder if anyone else knows of more Panthers??? Anyway, for now it is supporting the Greeks COME ON YOU PANTHERS. Sarah, Derby

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