Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy birthday mum!

birthday bird
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A very happy 60th birthday to my mum (and to her husband Peter, who also turned 60 a week ago today).

Hope your seventh decades treat you both very well!


Anonymous said...

A note to 'mum' - Happy Birthday!!

KJ in the USA

Anonymous said...

I looked at this posting this morning and felt a little coy! I have had a good day, both of us taking leave at the end of a brilliant birthday weekend in Oakham (look it up on the map everyone!!), with my father, three sons, one wife, one fiancee and one lady-friend. Now it is bed time and there is a message from KJ - how I love to read your messages!
Now it is time to thank Robin, Kit and his wife for promoting me on Robin's blog. Time to reveal myself - best wishes to all the regulars from Sarah, Derby - yep - Mum!!!

Dawn said...

Mum, we knew who you were before you revealed yourself. Happy Birthday and many more to come. Perhaps Robin will be at your celebration?!?

Anonymous said...

Good to pick up another Dawn message, what a faithful group we are! Robin did indeed share in celebrations on the weekend away - I spotted him dozing on a certain husband and wife's bed whilst the rest of us were enjoying a DVD Race Night. In the meantime his sister Robyn is guarding more than 30 cards.
Sarah, Derby

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