Thursday, January 26, 2006

Robin and a wonder of the world...

Robin at the Acropolis
Originally uploaded by athens2004blog.

Hey up folks

Yes, we're just back from a couple of days in Athens, where we thought it was about time we got a picture of Robin at the Acropolis (or Parthenon) which was built about 500 years before Christ was born and which still stands over modern Athens.

Nice to be back in Athens almost a year after we got married there. What with the Olympics too, we've got so many happy memories in that city.



Anonymous said...

Good to see Robin taking i a bit of history so it is. After seeing him hanging out with Dave Grohl I wondered if he was on his way to rock and roll oblivion. Rob, Manchester

Anonymous said...

Excellent, have been looking out for a new posting from Athens. What happy memories you gave us all. When we went up the Acropolis hill it was fine but freezing and blowing a gale.
Now looking foward to Robin's next adventure. Sarah, Derby

Dawn said...

I've traveled some, but I have yet to reach Greece even though it is high on migh list. Looking at a picture of Robin will have to satisfy me for now.