Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A night in the Olympic Stadium

Last night was perhaps our most awaited night of the Games - an evening session watching the athletics in the wonderful Olympic Stadium. We got to the Park just in time to see Victoria Pendleton not quite winning the gold in the sprint. There were HUGE crowds watching the big screens (you couldn't actually get into the big screen park to watch them - this was outside). You can also see the velodrome itself to the left of the big screen...

 And then to the stadium, listening to Chris Hoy win his cycling gold on the radio on the way (I'm not always Five Live's greatest fan, but they've been great at these Games).

Here we are inside what was, not surprisingly, a packed stadium. The roar any time a Brit was involved was pretty incredible to hear.

We saw some great events - 200m women's qualifying, 800m men's qualifying (in which a Brit had an astonishing finish to get through), high jump final (a Brit got bronze, a rock n roll Russian took gold), 100m women's hurdles semis and final (won by an Australian with an Olympic record), discus final (won by a German who celebrated by ripping his shirt off then running down the home straight doing the hurdles) and the 1500m final (won by an Algerian).

This French athlete made a false start in the 100m hurdles semi-final and was thus automatically disqualified. Poor woman. She looked devastated.

You can see the Olympic flame under the giant TV on this one...

We had such a fun night. Even the long, soggy queue to get the javelin train back to St Pancras couldn't dampen spirits.

Taekwondo today...

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