Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Volleyball at Earls Court

Here's Robin at one of the best 2012 venues I've been to - Earls Court, where I watched a volleyball double header on Monday night. Earls Court has been around for a *long* time (Buffallo Bill performed there back in the day!), so it's well set up for this sort of thing. And you can really feel that the sport has had to play catch-up with beach volleyball in the last few years, making much more effort with crowd participation and inter-match entertainment/music. 

We saw two men's games - the very capable USA beat Tunisia and then Brazil overcame Germany in a close game (which didn't finish until well after 11pm). I sat next to a very pleasant Bulgarian couple, who were very into volleyball. Bulgaria topped the other group and will play Germany next. I'll definitely be rooting for them.   

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I would be so happy to watch a game on this arena.