Friday, August 03, 2012

Back at the ping pong

Had another very enjoyable session at the table tennis at the Excel this morning - where we saw the first round of the women's team event. There were four matches going on concurrently, with the format being best of five matches: first they play a singles, then another singles, then a doubles, and if a team hasn't won 3-0 already, they move on to more singles to decide it. Takes a bit of getting used to trying to concentrate with all that happening, but you soon realise you just need to focus on one match.

Actually, three of the matches were 3-0 drubbings and over within an hour (of a session billed to last three hours). Luckily, in the one right in front of us, Poland gave Singapore a really good go, despite being massive underdogs. In fact, one of the Poles actually beat Feng, the Singapore player I saw narrowly lose her semi-final the other day, and who picked up the bronze. Poland - whose team also included an incredible player with only one full arm - made a real contest of it, but eventually lost 3-1, long after the other three matches (and, slightly annoyingly, the in-ear commentary) had finished.

Saw this at the Excel. Ah, memories...

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Is Robin missing the sunshine?M