Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Robin. And London.

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Hey up

Thought you might like to see a shot of Robin on the roof of the building where I work, which I just took during a hasty lunchbreak.

If you look very carefully you'll see the Millennium Eye big wheel over on the left and Big Ben somewhere over on the right. If you look not very carefully, you'll see clouds. Where did Spring get to?


Andria said...

Wow, those clouds look ominious...I think it wasn't a good day to lunch on the roof.

Anonymous said...

Well, Spring was here in Derby yesterday. At lunch time I had to carry my coat and was comfortable in short sleeve top. The sun was shining, I saw people on a bowling green, ducks nesting, moorhens squawking, wild flowers, garden flowers all shining in the sun; hardly any traffic noise, lots of bird song. Does anyone else have a Spring picture, or Autumn down there in Aus? Mum/Sarah

Anonymous said...

It has been beautiful cloudless sunny days for about a week here in NJ. Not as warm as I'd like yet, but the snow is gone (cue wild cheering) and the daffodils, forsythia and trees are starting to bloom. This past weekend I woke up to the songbirds, too. Can't speak to no traffic noise, though, since my flat is right across the street from the town's train station. :D

~ Cathy

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like a good train station though only as I work at one. Saying that I prefer the view my little brother has rather than mine in Northwest London! Before anyone asks, I am not a train spotter!

Anonymous said...

Edward/Brother said: There's nothing like a good train station though only as I work at one.

Oh, for sure. This is the first time in my life that I've lived this close to a train station, and it's great. It's only about an hour or so into Penn Station in NYC. And this way I don't have to worry about the crazy NYC drivers.

I have a question for all you who know London. Well, questions really. My friend and I are trying to make our plans for the Trafalgar Day holiday we're taking in October, and we'll be flying into Heathrow. Since we will be coming back to London after Portsmouth, we're considering staying a few extra days to see London sights. What would y'all suggest? What hotels would you recommend? We really like doing/seeing things that are not quite so touristy, so any thoughts would be welcome!

~ Cathy in NJ

Anonymous said...

Well being an ex guardsman i'd recommend the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. You have to apply in writing to get tickets for it but its very interesting and is also very old.

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