Thursday, April 28, 2005

Robin, a fish and a giant metal head

robin and a big metal head
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This is the last of the Robin shots from our Scottish trip, taken in a wee (see, I picked up the dialect) town called Kilmarnock.

We stopped off there for a couple of hours before getting the flight home (Dawn, it wasn't a work trip - it was a fun one, crammed in among a busy time at work).

It's not the most glamourous town, but the sun was shining and everyone seemed very friendly. And all down the main shopping street they had these little scupltures built into the street. I've tried to find out more about them online (because I think they're ace) but, as yet, to no avail.

There, that's four postings in 24 hours - we haven't been this prolific since the Olympics!


Andria said...

Robin sure has been busy! I hope you let her sleep in this morning!Andria from Texas

Anonymous said...

That Robin is a bloke. He has a sister who is currently residing in Derbyshire called Robyn I believe!
Some bloke in NW10!

*elz* said...

HIYA LEX!!!!!!!

Happy Easter for today (1/5/05) and kalo mina to you both

Enjoy May (and easter)

lots of love E.