Saturday, April 09, 2005

Robin is cool!

Robin the cool dude
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Hey up

Long time, no post - sorry, I've been flat out busy with work and then went to Hamburg for a few days but forgot to take Robin (that's what happens when you have to get up at 5am to catch a flight!). I did take a couple of 27 pics though if you want to see them (see 27 site link over on the links bit). Anyway, as I've not posted in ages, here's a bit of a catch-up.

The picture's of Robin in his trendy new leather jacket, about to flutter into town to wow the local chicks. (Okay, okay, he's sitting in the top of my leather glove, but you've got to admit it suits him).

I liked Vix's idea the other day about trying to think of what Robin's fans should be called. Any ideas gratefully received.

I'm also trying to think of another competition along the lines of the ones we had during the Olympics - so look out for that soon.

Any other big excitements? Well, tomorrow a bunch of us are going for an 8 mile country walk as kind of a wedding reunion - nice to get our mates back together for the first time since Athens. Oh, and Prince Charles is getting married today, but nobody that I know gives a monkeys. Was very surprised that his wedding was the top headline on the news in Germany last week. I think Brits are more excited about the Grand National horse race.

And finally, in smoothie news, this morning we had banana, milk, honey and a bag of frozen forest fruits, which worked very well blended up together - and was nice and cold because of the fruits being frozen.

That competition will be up within the next few days (just trying to think of something everybody can join in with, where's there's a definite answer at some point...)

STOP PRESS: For the benefit of Andria in Texas, and anybody else who doesn't know - forest fruit is the generic term for a bunch of fruits, usually berries, that you might find if you went wandering in a forest. We're talking blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, redcurrants, raspberries, that sort of thing. You get yoghurts, sweets (candy) and various other things in forest fruits flavour. Do they really not have that term Stateside?


Andria said...

Sorry for being an ignorant american, but what is a forest fruit???

--Andria (from Texas)

Dawn said...

I've never heard of it either, but would love to have one dry iced and sent to me!

Anonymous said...

I think Robin looks dashing in his 'leather jacket'! If I only knew his size I'd send him a t-shirt from the university I teach at!

As for forest fruits - I've never heard the term either. Guess we call them just "berries" here in the states :-) In any case, your smoothie sounded delicious - though I don't know why it's called a 'smoothie' when there are always bits of things in them. I suggested to a friend we call them "chunkies", but that idea didn't go over very well :-)

KJ in the USA

Andria said...

Thanks for the info. I am ignorant no more! I like all those fruity flavors, but never thought of finding them as forest fruits!