Monday, April 18, 2005

robin addresses the world
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Those of you who come to this blog via the might've noticed that although you can still get to the site, you now get an annoying pop-up from

The best, pop-up free way to get to the blog now is to come via - which is pretty easy to remember, even for a toy bird.

STOP PRESS: Just to clarify, using will still divert you to (the overall holding page for the blog, and that address is fine to use still too). But if you were using you will now get a pop up from UK2. Hope that makes sense.


Anonymous said...

I think the domain name is still resolving, Kit. I tried typing in the new URL and it brought me back to the Athens one. Fortunately I don't get the pop up ad on my home computer. I'll suffer through it for a little while yet at work. Oh, the things I have to do to see Robin's adventures. ;)

~Cathy, in NJ, for now

Andria said...

I don't think we get the popup in the States. Just one more reason...never mind.

mu-mu said...

WRITE!!!!!!!!!! i wanna kno about Robin's latest adventures...... pls pls pls pls......... :-(...

Eleni, (sis-in-law)

Anonymous said...

They are very busy. In fact so busy they missed my moumentous rugby final the other weekend though I do here wisperings of a posting from a far flung corner of the British Isles, well maybe!
Edward in rainy North London.

mu-mu said...

ahaa..... so they are busy eh??? never mind, lets hope they have good gossip and pictures of wherever they've been. ;-)