Thursday, June 30, 2005

Robin at Glastonbury 2

Robin at Glastonbury
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Before I shoot off to a Greek island (see below) here's another Robin pic from Glastonbury. This one was taken on Sunday night, as the sun went down (happily after the crazy rain on Friday, Sun-day very much lived up to its name!).

This was taken in the main field looking down to the Pyramid Stage, where Brian Wilson had just finished leading a mass singalong of Beach Boys classics that left everyone beaming.

The festival all takes place in the fields of a local farmer, Michael Eavis, who started it 30 years ago. You can see his farmhouse up in the top left of the picture (as ever, click on it if you want to see it bigger). And you can also see how muddy his fields have become after a weekend that started with rain and then had 150,000 people trampling all over it. Where there's baked brown mud now, there was thick, lush green grass four days earlier. The cows aren't going to be too pleased when they see!


Anonymous said...

Brian Wilson was brilliant - BBC had it on as well as other acts and 'tours' of Glastonbury. In fact there was more coverage than ever before.
The crowd were fantastic, no wonder you were all beaming at the end, much arm waiving, in unison of course, and clapping, in time of course.
Did anyone else watch BBC - what did you like?
Sarah, Derby

Anonymous said...

I just keep thinking of all the money people spend on "mud baths" and "mud treatments" for the skin - and you had it all for free! You must look fantastic! LOL!

KJ in the USA

Anonymous said...

haha - never thought of the free mad bath angle!! Rob