Thursday, June 30, 2005

Robin at Glastonbury 1

Robin, Glastonbury, tents
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Hey up folks.

I'm in Athens now (on holiday, visiting the in-laws for the first time since we got married here in February!). Glastonbury was great, but on the Friday morning it rained incredibly hard (thunder, lightning, the full works) for six hours, flooding many people's tents completely. There were pictures on the front of all the newspapers of people swimming to their tents and tents that were five or six feet deep in water! Crazy. Luckily where we were it didn't flood. But we still had to suffer the mud for the whole weekend (first as deep rivers of brown water, then as sticky brown glue). We still had a great weekend though.

Thanks too for all your birthday greetings. We went straight from four nights camping to a very posh country hotel/spa about 20 miles away - which was a real treat. And then the next day we flew off to Greece - I was intent on making sure that the post-Glastonbury/30th blues didn't kick in!

Today I'm off to one of the Greek islands for a couple of days as a surprise treat from my lovely wife. Naturally, Robin's coming along too...

Hope you folks are good, wil probably post again on Saturday when we're back in Athens.

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Anonymous said...

Hope the island is good, bet your lovely wife is thrilled to bits. Hope all in-laws are well.
Sarah, Derby