Tuesday, June 07, 2005

St Bees adventure #4

Clifftop Robin
Originally uploaded by athens2004blog.

Oops, sorry - I know I said that I'd post this the other day, but I've been a busy bee (as ever) and never quite got round to it at the end of last week.

Anyway, here is the long-awaited (well, sort of) picture of Robin up on the clifftop at St Bees, overlooking the lovely beach on a gorgeous day. If you keep walking about 3 miles in the direction Robin's looking you get to a gorgeous old lighthouse.

Hope you folks are all good. I'm off to Moscow and St Petersburg this weekend - any of you got any Russian experience?


Anonymous said...

Taking Robin to Moscow and St Petersburg?
Sarah, Derby

Anonymous said...

Oh, how beautiful! Just the sort of beach I like, too - empty. Makes for a great place to relax without the noise of people, cars, and a boardwalk.

I haven't had any experience with Russia, though I could tell you how to say "that is my lamp, what are you doing with it?" :D:D (One of my old uni roommates learned Russian.) I've heard that St. Petersburg is the prettier of the two, and has more tourist attractions. Oh, and look for the vodka at McDonald's and in vending machines.

~ Cathy in NJ