Thursday, June 09, 2005

Robin and Chris Martin (the second shot)

Originally uploaded by athens2004blog.

Seeing as Coldplay are in the news with the release of their new album 'X&Y' (which looks like to break sales records over here) I thought I'd post the other picture of Robin with Coldplay's frontman Chris Martin, that I took back in April.

Meanwhile, me and Robin are off to Russia tomorrow - will try to post some pictures from there...


Anonymous said...

What are the blue and red on his fingers? Blue looks like those catering plasters, can't think what the red is.
Sarah, Derby

Anonymous said...

I'm here Sarah! I'm here! LOL! What is a catering plaster? I've never heard that phrase before!

Have fun in Russia Kit - send me some caviar, yeah? OK, maybe not - just try some for me then!

KJ in the USA

Anonymous said...

A catering plaster is a blue plaster (?band aid for you) which is used in commercial kitchens when someone cuts themself. Its blue so if it falls off in the cooking it can be seen!!!!!! and presumably pulled out....
Sarah, Derby