Thursday, September 01, 2005

Robin hits the town

robin giggin'
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Yes, just to prove that it's not all work and no play around here, here's Robin at a concert at the Luminaire in London last night by a band called The Brakes (taken on my phone, so perhaps not the best quality). It was a top night and Robin moshed his little heart out.

Also, really sorry to hear what's going on in the New Orleans area at the moment - the pictures I keep seeing on the news are just so disturbing. That and a 1000 people dying because of a stampede in Iraq makes for some of the most heart-wrenching news in years. Really hope that the state authorities can pull together and help out the people that are stuck in New Orleans and that something can be done for all the people who've lost their homes. Just devestating. Also hope none of you guys reading this have been unduly affected.


Dawn said...

Thanks for the support - not only is the city of New Orleans literally still under water, there are several other whole counties that have been completely flattened. It is a little scary. Many of the refugees from that storm are coming to my city where they will stay in a football stadium for who knows how long. The city has openend its heart and pockets by offering free admission to those affectd to the local museums, aquarium, football games, etc.

Andria said...

We also have a lot of relief victims here where I live. We are expecting to open up our church for a shelter by tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

There are just too many disasters that have occurred in world this past year. It's really sad.


Anonymous said...

My turn to join in sending best wishes, trying to emphasise to the US. Sometimes all one can do from a distance is pray, and lots of people are doing that.

Please may I ask Robin - how did you 'mosh'? What IS mosh'ing???

Well done to Mary, I never could count!
Take care everyone
Sarah, Derby

Anonymous said...

Sarah - your comment made me giggle. I had to ask a student in class last semester what that was, and I'm still not sure I understand! Must be a generational difference - lol!

Thanks for the prayers - the pictures coming out of New Orleans look like they could have been taken in a war zone. I live across the country from the devastation, and it is frustrating that I can't do more than write a check for the relief fund. I read today that England, France, Germany, and I believe China pledged some help with the relief efforts - that is a blessing!

Hope all is well with you!