Friday, September 02, 2005

Robin on a famous piano!

robin piano
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Hello folks,

Took this picture yesterday afternoon when I had to go to a recording studio in West London. This very piano, the manager of the studio told me, has been played by Elton John, Jon Bon Jovi, Freddie Mercury and, now, Robin. Well, I say played, he just jumped up and down on the keys a bit.

Like everyone in the world, we've had crazy pictures coming to our TVs from the New Orleans area. From this distance, even given the size of the hurricane, the lack of preparation for what they'd do afterwards is just stunning, as is the fact that so little relief seems to have made it through so far. I really hope they can actually start to help people before things spiral any further out of control.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet Robin could play chopsticks with his 2 little feet :-)

KJ in the USA

Dawn said...

There is relief coming, it just takes time - the major roads leading into New OrLeans have been destroyed. Plus, you have to remember the city is underwater. It has always been below sea-level. Until the levees are fixed (they are being worked on), nothing can happen. Plus it doesn't help that looters are shooting at rescue helicopters.