Monday, September 05, 2005

Robin takes tea with the chap from OutKast!

Robin meets Andre 3000
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Yes folks, Robin's been rubbing shoulders with the stars again. Today he bumped into Andre 3000 (or Andre Benjamin) from the band OutKast, Atlanta's finest hip hop duo whose last album featured the hit song 'Hey Ya' (the one about shaking it like a Polaroid) and sold over 11 million copies!

Mr Benjamin was so pleased to meet Robin that he offered him a nice cup of English tea and then helped him to drink it. What a lovely man.


Anonymous said...

good to see they both like a good ol cuppa T! Rob

Dawn said...

I totaly understand how you get them to pose with Robin, he being such a famous bird and all; but how I ask do you get to meet all these famous people?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's time for Robin to retire - I could take his place and travel everywhere and meet all kinds of interesting people! (I could fit into a suitcase if I polish up on my yoga moves - lol!)

KJ in the USA

Anonymous said...

I think that may be my favorite Robin picture yet! LOL!