Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Robin watches England win the Ashes!

Robin at the Oval
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Yes, Robin was at the Oval cricket ground yesterday to watch England win the Ashes cricket series against Australia for the first time since December 1986.

This is massive, front-page news here in England and, as I write, a victory parade is beginning to make its way past tens of thousands of people to Trafalgar Square. Sadly, me and Robin can't go cos I've got a meeting at work.

Still, I was one of the lucky 23,000 who got to see us win it. An amazing day. Well done England.


Anonymous said...

it must be funny for people outside the cricketing fraternity to understand what all the fuss is about! but boy oh boy was it am amazing climax to an amazing test series....one of my top five sporting occasions of all time. Quality quality quality. Cheers Rob

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering how snockered Robin got on that glass of champaign? If I drank a glass of champaign the size of my head, I don't think I'd remember I'd even been to a cricket game - lol!

Cheers to England winning!

KJ in the USA

Andria said...

I'm glad to see you guys are staying busy! I have been busy working a relief shelter-it is quite a tragedy, but we are doing what we can! I guess the rest of the world has continued without me!
Andria in Texas

Anonymous said...

Just two points to add to the correspondence so far. Firstly I'd like to acknowledge the amazing spirit in which the Test Series was played. Both sides playing hard but at the same time applauding what each other did well and sharing dressing room drinks (beers) afterwards. Other sports could learn from the cricketers.

Secondly, Andria - sure life went on, but not totally without you. Our news is still headed by news of what is going on post Katrina. It is all very much to the fore here, so although you have been engrossed in all you have done to help, we have continued to care, support and pray.

Sarah, Derby